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Month: January 2017

Speculator’s Monthly Wrap Up – Jan 2017

Author: The Speculator   What a roller coaster of a month. It started out good and up until the 25th, the USD gold price and the miners we up 6% and 15% respectively. In the last week we had a pullback that brought gold to the 38% retracement level of $1183, closing at $1190. At the end of every month I’ll provide a summary of the position changes. Depending on the week end dates it may be 1-2 days earlier. Lets take a look at how we went – and please post your results if you don’t mind. We are all...

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View | 27th January 2017

View I’m writing this post because of the view I have. What I mean is that I have been honoured with close to 200 subscribers since the inception of this site and through the months I’ve had many interactions with dear,  caring, honest and trusting people who confide their trading experiences in me. A general theme across the  board is that very very very few are actually making consistent profit. Those that have made money end up giving it  back and this appears to be a continual, habitual issue. So while I lay here, about to enter dreamland where...

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Early Weekend Report | 26th-29th Jan 2017

18th Issue Economics Stock Market Merchant | Trader My family is precious to me, unique and of the rarest in this universe.  Everything that I do, is done for them. I will be spending the weekend with them and savour every moment as a gift. So I thought it prudent to share a weekend report with you before the weekend. I hope the following thoughts assist you in some way. Firstly, we will be revamping the site entirely. This means a different layout for convenience  for you as well as, perhaps, a different theme. (also charts don’s show up well...

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3 Months Later | 14 | The Patron

“3 Months Trial Period” 08 Starting Out Willing to Share Many times I have been offered a membership or even a new product, with a month free trial period.  Many times I said “No thanks” and “Not bothered” when pushed to try a membership or product.   I felt there was no real gain for me…Until now! Greetings to all readers and may this year be a fruitful one for those who are prepared to take the risk! I am feeling very positive, which may be a side effect of having recently gone on a cruise ship around New...

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Decision Time | 23rd Jan 2017

The Australian miners are having a stellar day today. While most of the miners have been gaining incrementally, BLK has made an amazing run up to around 88c so far. That is because today is day #1 of Trump’s presidency. Uncertainty is in the air and investors are nervous. That is great for gold. I am reminded of election day… and Brexit…. will the risk off situation remain? It will be revealed in the Dollar which is on support (life support?):     Gold on the other hand is forcing its way up against resistance which will either get...

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