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Author: the Merchant

Paper Money Without Limits | Weekend Report | 10th September 2017

I’ve grown increasingly frustrated with our governments. US, Australian to be mention some by name. My criticism of them  is scathing on many fronts yet I have come to realise that Democracy presents the  fatal flaw: What the majority votes for, the entire country will receive. Even if that majority does has no education in regard to the topic being voted for. Feelings win while facts are forgotten. (This is not at all directed at the upcoming gay marriage postal vote, just to make that clear. Rather this is an observation of our failing economies, monetary policy and faltering...

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$1400-$1600 USD Gold in 12-24 months | 7th June 2017

Good morning Patrons of the Chamber of Merchants. You may or may not have noticed that I have not posted even a fraction of what I used to post. The reason is very simple: I have attained complete and utter peace with regard to what the future holds for my portfolio. In a blink of an eye it all became quite clear to me and the need for daily postings became redundant. So what I will be focusing on more now will be longer term trends with regard to gold, wealth, economics etc… which is how this site originally...

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The Merchant Weekend Report | 21st May 2017

The Patron’s Birthday this weekend 😉 Just saying…   What’s happening everyone? Hope you’re doing well and that the market has not enslaved you but rather that you are confident in your trading and vision for your future.   I have made some adjustments to my lifestyle and thought process lately but that’s for another post, another time.   Let’s talk markets…   Gold Of prime interest to me at this time since I am 100% loaded into the precious metal. Way undervalued at this stage: Gold, when taking into account the money supply, is valued at $2,687 USD...

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ASX Short Sell List 10th April 2017

How to use the short sell lists: Compare the number next to your stock over a few days. If it's increasing from day to day then the short selling bets are increasing that the price is going down on that stock. And vice versa. ___ Daily Gross Short Sales reported for 10-Apr-2017, ASX Limited (ASX) & Chi-X Australia (CHI-X) No responsibility is accepted for any inaccuracies contained in the matter published. Securities that have had no short sales actively reported for the date shown are excluded from this report. ASX Company Name Product/ Reported Gross Issued % of issued...

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