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Author: the Speculator

Speculator’s Monthly Wrap Up – June 2017

It has been a fairly slow and boring month, not much in the way of news. The only thing noteworthy was the dispute between some middle east countries and Qatar which is still ongoing. Other than that markets and stocks are just treading water. So ill make this a quick one and jump straight into the markets and stocks.   Aussie gold got hammered after hitting $1725 a few weeks back, but the miners seem to be holding up well. USD gold is just witnessing a pull back from the $1300 level. Not much to report. Ill leave the...

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Speculator’s Monthly Wrap Up – May 2017

Bubbles, bubbles, everywhere. Compared to last month, we had a bit of a slow news flow this time around. Bitcoin surged to extreme highs, Trump had his week in the spotlight with impeachment talk and his overseas trip. The wannacry malware virus infected hundreds of thousands of computers, Kim Jong Un fired off more missiles and there were several more terror attacks around the world. All this while stock markets explode to new record highs around the world and the vix crashes to record lows. Oh how we must love the new world of the plunge protection team and central...

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Back in the channel

What a night. Things are starting to heat up finally. Here is a quick update on the USD gold charts. We seem to have found support on the secondary trend line from the last 2 lows in Jan and March. The 5 year down trend line now comes in at approx $1285. Can we bust through this time? On the daily I’ve marked where I thought we could fall to based on the last 2 major lows at about $1160, but the Trump factor has just kicked in. We might get some resistance at $1285 but if not than it...

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Living on the edge

Gold took a beating last night but still remains in an uptrend, but on the edge of a cliff. It the $1235 area fails, then a good chance the gold price will fall to the next trend line at around $1160-$1180. There is a pennant forming with the December lows and the 5 year down trend line from 2011. If we zoom out to the weekly you can see the bigger picture. Click on images for a better view. | The...

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Speculator’s Monthly Wrap Up – April 2017

Definitely not a slow news month this time. Lets get right into this months wrap-up. There were ISIS related terror attacks in Russia, Syria, Sweden, Australia, Egypt, Paris and Afghanistan and another attempted one in London overnight, many killing over 100 people. The Syrian bus attack particularly brutal where they led children off buses with food, only to blow them up as they gathered (68 children dead). North Korea started the month firing more ballistic missiles and threatening the USA and Australia with a nuclear attack if provoked, the US then provoked them. The US, China and Russia started...

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