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Author: The Patron

ROMO & FOMO | 15 | the Patron

ROMO is an abbreviation of Regret Of Missing Out and FOMO is an abbreviation of Fear Of Missing Out, however the The Oxford English dictionary has a far better explanation, Definition of FOMO in English: FOMO NOUN informal  [mass noun] Anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on social media: ‘I realized I was a lifelong sufferer of FOMO’ I know it’s been a awhile since I last put pen to paper, and one of the reasons is due to my account being in a position of mostly cash as I figured...

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3 Months Later | 14 | The Patron

“3 Months Trial Period” 08 Starting Out Willing to Share Many times I have been offered a membership or even a new product, with a month free trial period.  Many times I said “No thanks” and “Not bothered” when pushed to try a membership or product.   I felt there was no real gain for me…Until now! Greetings to all readers and may this year be a fruitful one for those who are prepared to take the risk! I am feeling very positive, which may be a side effect of having recently gone on a cruise ship around New...

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Can you hear Santa ? | 13 | the Patron

“Can you hear Santa ?” 08 Starting Out Willing to Share Remember when the old folks used to pretend they could hear reindeer hoof noises on the roof? I even remember the weather channel guy once said, they had visual confirmation on Santa and his sleigh! I’m starting to feel the same sense of excitement now, after the rate hike was announced, I can hear the pitter patter of good tidings on my roof! I believe the news that came out about the rate hike and more hikes to follow next year, will be positive for the young miners...

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“Chewing Gum” | 12 | The Patron

“Chewing Gum” 12 Starting Out Willing to Share I still remember a time when I didn’t have a care in the world! We would come home from school, change clothes and grab the fishing rod while shouting to mom that we’d be down at the beach. Back then I only wanted to go fishing, although today my desire is not entirely dissimilar. I am aware of the consequences I would face if I came home after work, changed clothes and grabbed my fishing rod while shouting to my wife “I’ll be right back” Some people would consider this to...

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Waking Up | 11 | the Patron

“Waking Up” 11 Guest Series by the Patron | A Beginner Trader and His Thoughts on the Journey of Doubling an Investment in 6 months Willing to Share Christmas time is closing in and I can still remember a time when Santa Clause was real and my parents played along by leaving milk and cookies by the tree. I would wake up and be ecstatic to find the milk and cookies had been eaten, apart from a few crumbs. Then my older Sister ruined the magic one day by revealing the hidden truth…There was no Santa.. Almost 2 months ago...

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