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Debt Going Backwards

Debt Going Backwards

Just a quick observation from what I have noticed about the US Debt Clock in the last few weeks.

While waiting for that magical $20T number, it seemed to be going backwards. The source is supposed to be from the US Treasury Office.

On Feb 24th the debt was at $19,984,682,011,878

On March 7th the debt stood at $19,966,682,682,638

March 15th the debt stands at $19,917,734,630,669

So will there be another reduction in 2 weeks, any why is there no discussion or news on the debt ceiling anywhere?

| The Speculator


  1. thespeculator01

    Not sure if anyone is following this but overnight the US debt reduced again.

    As of 21st of March 2017 its at $19.849,261,345,654

    Approx $70B less than 1 week ago.

    • the Merchant

      Hey Spec,

      What do you reckon is happening?

      • thespeculator01

        Not sure exactly, but a few weeks ago they announced “extraordinary measures” to prevent default. Looks like they are implementing it.

        “Treasury anticipates it will need to start taking certain extraordinary measures in order to temporarily prevent the United States from defaulting on its obligations”

        Treasury will suspend the sale of State and Local Government Series (SLGS) securities, which count against the debt limit, as of March 15 and “until the debt limit is either raised or suspended” As it’s done in the past, Treasury will use additional extraordinary measures. Mnuchin says that “honoring the full faith and credit” of U.S. outstanding debt is a critical commitment.

        I will keep an eye on it and post if it goes down again.

        • the Merchant

          Very under the radar… Kudos “bigley” on noticing it….

        • the Merchant

          the effect on the $us dollar interests me…

  2. TJ

    The small reversal maybe due to tax returns deadline.


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